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Ramadan Frequently Asked Questions

The Holy month of Ramadan is observed on the ninth month of the lunar calendar also known as Hijri. It is considered to be the month in which Prophet Mohammed received the revelation of the Quran. During this period, Muslims fast by abstaining from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset, to teach themselves self-awareness, patience and tolerance.


Iftar or breaking the fast happens at Maghrib or sunset. This is the time for families to come together and share a meal. This year, we are serving Iftar daily at Maui Beach Restaurant from sunset to 9pm. Click here to see our special offer for Iftar and to book a table.


Suhour is the first meal taken before sunrise and before beginning the fast. While staying at our beach resort, you can order Suhour directly from in-room dining. If your stay already includes breakfast, you can choose to have either Suhour or our regular breakfast served at Manava restaurant.


Dress code: While swimwear is acceptable at the pool and beach areas, please ensure to dress modestly and conservatively at the hotel lobby, dinner restaurants and all public areas in the city.


Our restaurants and bars remain open throughout Ramadan however opening hours will vary for each restaurant. Please visit our restaurants and bars pages for the latest information. Food and drinks will be served as usual inside the restaurants and outdoors in the pools and beach areas. Alcohol is available 24 hours through in-room dining however at the restaurants, alcohol is served from 12pm onwards. During Iftar at Maui Beach Restaurant, alcohol service will not be available until 9pm.

Shisha is served daily from sunset at Maui Beach Bar, Laguna Beach Taverna & Lounge, Olivier’s and Porterhouse Bar.


Our swimming pools and beach are open as usual. To know the opening hours and for more information click here.


Shopping malls: Opening hours of shopping malls are extended until late in the evening during Ramadan. Please visit our concierge desk at the hotel lobby for more information.

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